What Is The Best Site For Hotel Reviews?

Is Hotels com a reputable site?

Reliable, yes – but I would always try to book directly and, if you see a better price on the site see if the property will match it.

From what I understand, Hotels.com is on par with the other well-known third-party booking portals.

I always use booking.com and hotels.com and also check hotel site as well..

What is the cheapest day to book a hotel?

Kayak found that checking in on a Friday or Saturday and checking out on Sunday is the most expensive option overall. According to the website’s data, a Sunday check-in is the cheapest, followed by Monday and Tuesday.

Has booking com been hacked?

A number of hotels and guest houses featured on Booking.com have been targeted by phishing emails, resulting in users of the website being sent emails instructing them to provide payment details. … A spokesperson for Booking.com said that there had been no compromise on their systems, however.

What should I say in a good review?

​8 tips for writing great customer reviewsProvide useful, constructive feedback.Talk about a range of elements, including customer service.Be detailed, specific, and honest.Leave out links and personal information.Keep it civil and friendly.Feel free to update your review if needed.Check you’ve got the right domain name or company.Proofread your review.

Is Trivago any good?

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our FAQ. Trivago is the best site I’ve seen to find the ideal hotel to stay at. I highly recommend using it. … You will pay the same price and the hotel appreciates you booking directly through them so they don’t have to pay a fee to the middleman.

Where can I write a review on a hotel?

The 9 Most Popular Hotel Review SitesGoogle.TripAdvisor.Booking.com.Expedia.Hotels.com.Yelp.Facebook.Orbitz.More items…•

Why is Expedia cheaper than booking hotel direct?

Expedia buys hotel rooms in bulk from many chains and many individual hotels. They get a good price from the hotel – a really good price – because the hotel gets guaranteed income for that room – and they can pass all or some of that price difference to you – but that means Expedia is on the hook to sell it.

Can you get scammed on booking com?

Online travel agent Booking.com has admitted that it has had to compensate customers whose personal details have been stolen. Guests booking hotel rooms have unwittingly handed over money to criminals.

Are you protected with booking com?

Booking.com is an incredibly safe platform for you to book your next trip with. They might not be ATOL or ABTA protected, but this is true for all “non package” holidays! If you don’t like the idea of not being covered however, then a travel agent may be your best bet.

How do I write a good hotel review?

How to Write a Hotel ReviewBe Specific in your Hotel Review. Telling other travelers what type of room you stayed in might help them narrow down which hotel reviews to read based on their own room preferences. … Sound Intelligent. … Include Photos if Possible. … Talk About the Amenities.

What is the most reliable hotel booking site?

Best Sites for Booking Hotels OnlineHotels.com – good for large hotel chains.Priceline – best when flexible.HostelWorld – great for hostels and budget hotels.Trivago – good price comparison website.Hotwire – good for flight & hotel combinations.HotelTonight – best hotel app.More items…•

How do I choose an online hotel?

9 Tips for Picking a Good Hotel OnlineKnow what is most important to you. … Know the Holy Grail of amenities. … Check the hotel’s website. … Look at a map to determine a hotel’s exact location. … Find out when both the rooms and public spaces were last updated. … Focus on guest reviews published within the last year.More items…•

Is it better to book directly with the hotel?

Better Rooms, Better Service Hotel room assignments and special requests are prioritized for those who book directly. So, asking for a room on a higher floor or choosing one or two beds is easier to arrange this way. Alternatively, those who book through OTAs are more likely to get stuck with the “ice machine rooms.”

How do you negotiate hotel rates?

Top 15 tips to negotiate hotel ratesGive yourself plenty of time. … Avoid booking for peak times. … Spot the differences. … Listen to your friends. … Do your homework. … Make the call. … Ask for the manager’s name, mentioning that their hotel has been highly recommended by a very good friend of yours and that you’d like to share the same experience.More items…•

Is booking com safe and reliable?

In short: yes! You may be hearing about booking.com just now but they’ve been around for over 20 years and are just as reliable as Expedia, VRBO and other, more famous travel brands. With travel booking, there is always the possibility of a mix-up or unpredictable variable throwing a wrench into your plans.