Quick Answer: Which South Indian Language Is Easy?

Which language is best in South India?

Top 4 South Indian LanguagesSouth Indian Language # 1.

Telugu:South Indian Language # 2.

Tamil:South Indian Language # 3.

Kannada:South Indian Language # 4.


Is Malayalam older than Tamil?

Malayalam is older than Tamil. Tamil broke away from proto-Dravidian. Malayalam emerged from the original proto-Dravidian and gave birth to Old Sanskrit. Malayalam later became 75 per cent New Sanskrit.

Which is the richest language in India?

More than one million speakersRankLanguage2011 Census of India (total: 1,210,854,977)Speakers1Hindi528,347,1932Bengali97,237,6693Marathi83,026,68028 more rows

Which is the first language in the world?

Tamil languageThe Tamil language is recognized as the oldest language in the world and it is the oldest language of the Dravidian family. This language had a presence even around 5,000 years ago. According to a survey, 1863 newspapers are published in the Tamil language only every day.

Is it difficult to learn Telugu?

Telugu, unlike English, is a phonetic language. You write it based on the sounds that one makes while speaking it, and therefore you don’t encounter any confusing spelling or pronunciation. Hence, learning Telugu is relatively easy when compared to learning English.

Is Malayalam a dying language?

Unlikely, at least in the foreseeable future. Malayalam has 38 million native speakers. That is a huge number – there are only 34 countries with a larger population, and only 33 languages have more native speakers.

What is the easiest Indian language to learn?

1 Bengali is the secong most spoken language in India after Hindi. Easy to learn. 2 Punjabi is the most listened language in India in various parts including South India states.

Which is toughest language in India?

MalayalamGoogle admits Malayalam(official language of Kerala State) to be the toughest language in India. It is both difficult to learn and speak as compared to any other language in India. It might be the second toughest language in the world after Chinese. It belongs to the dravidian family.

Which is toughest language in world?

Top 10 Hardest Languages For Translators to LearnMandarin. Mandarin is a language within the Chinese language group and is actually the most spoken language in the world. … Arabic. … 3. Japanese. … Hungarian. … Korean. … Finnish. … Basque. … Navajo.More items…•

Which is easier Tamil or Telugu?

Telugu is certainly easier than Tamil but only in relative terms. Telugu is more influenced by Sanskrit than Tamil has been, thus bringing it closer to Hindi making it simpler. However difficult in learning a language is inversely proportional to the “Need” to learn the language.

Which app is best for Telugu?

10 best Hindi learning apps for Android!50 Languages. Price: Free / Varies (usually around $2.99) … Google Play Books. Price: Free / Book prices vary. … HelloTalk and Tandem. Price: Free / $1.99-$4.99 per month / $21.99-$29.99 per year. … Simya apps. Price: Free / Varies (usually around $4.99-$7.99 each) … YouTube.

Is Malayalam older than Hindi?

Granthabhasha has both Tamil and Sanskrit words. And with Tamil being older than Hindi, Tamil being a language of the BC era, while Hindi came out of Sanskrit and became a spoken language only in the AD era, Malayalam is invariably older than Hindi.

Which is the first South Indian language?

TamilTamil is the oldest language in India and in the World. As a Dravidian language, Tamil descends from Proto-Dravidian.

Which is the toughest language in Asia?

Asian Languages Ranked by DifficultyMandarin. The most difficult Asian language (and sometimes viewed as the most difficult language) is the same language that is spoken most in the world; Mandarin Chinese. … 2. Japanese. Coming in at the second place in Japanese. … Korean. Korean will seem less random to the foreign learner. … Thai. … Vietnamese.

How can I learn south Indian language?

Steps to Learn the basics of a south Indian languages:You can start with one – Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam or Kannada. … For a beginner, the ideal words to learn first are for terms like When, Where, How, Who, Whose and Which. … Then learn the terms used to refer to body parts, animal names, grocery names, among others.More items…

Which is the most difficult south Indian language?

Malayalam(official language of Kerala State) is the toughest language to learn compared to any other language in India. May be the second toughest language in the world after Chinese.

Which is the beautiful language in India?

BengaliIndia is famous for its linguistic diversity, and one of the most beautiful languages spoken on the Indian Subcontinent is certainly Bengali. It has a gorgeous writing system to begin with, and a flowing sound that one of the world’s greatest poets, Rabindranath Tagore, used to create his art.

How difficult is Tamil?

Tamil is definitely not easy, but it’s not too difficult either. It’s an agglutinative language, so learning to form sentences can be a big pain. … Tamil is a diglossic language, so the written and spoken forms are different. Most Tamil learning books and websites that I have seen teach the written form.