Quick Answer: Is Sunk A Real Word?

What is the past tense of the word sink?

The principal parts of the verb “to sink” are actually “sink, sank, sunk”: present tense, past tense, past participle.

“Sank” is the simple past – something that happened at one specific past moment in time, sometimes called the Preterit.

“Sunk” is the past participle.

It’s used with the auxiliary verb “to have”..

Is it sunk or sunken?

In modern English, the past is generally sank and the past participle is sunk, with the form sunken now surviving only as an adjective, as in a sunken garden or sunken cheeks.”

What is another word for sunk?

Sunk Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for sunk?ruinedfinisheddone fordeaddonedoomedkaputkaputtlostdashed71 more rows

What is a sunken face?

Sunken cheeks occur when you don’t have a lot of tissue (flesh) between your zygoma (the bony arch of your cheek under your eye) and your mandible (your lower jawbone). Both women and men can have them. Sunken cheeks are often attributed to the aging process, which causes you to lose facial fat.

What type of word is sunken?

adjective. having sunk or been sunk beneath the surface; submerged. having settled to a lower level, as walls. situated or lying on a lower level: a sunken living room.