Quick Answer: How Does Irctc Make Money?

What is the main source of earning of railways?

Railways earns its internal revenue primarily from passenger and freight traffic.

In 2016-17, freight traffic contributed to about 63% of the internal revenue.

In comparison, passenger traffic contributed to about 28% of the internal revenue..

Which share is best to buy?

Our Advisor’s ChoiceStock NameQtyPriceHDFC Bank1002523.25LIC INDIA1002523.25INFY1002523.25Total

Which is highest post in railway?

Member StaffAt the apex level of the Ministry of Railways, Member Staff is the highest level post, who is ex-officio Secretary to Government of India.

What is the annual income of Indian Railways?

The revenue of Indian Railways at the end of fiscal year 2019 was about 1.9 trillion Indian rupees and was estimated to be over two trillion rupees in fiscal year 2020. The system is operated by the Ministry of Railways and is the fourth largest railway network across the globe.

Is Indian Railways in profit or loss 2019?

Railways has earned over Rs 400 crore in non-fare revenue during 2017-2019: Government. In a written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha, Goyal said the total sundry earnings of Indian Railways for 2018-19 were however, Rs 6,996.22 crore (provisional).

Is railway running in loss?

Indian Railways expects revenue loss of up to Rs 35,000 crore from its passenger segment in the ongoing fiscal as movement of trains continues to be strained amid the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdowns. … Asia’s oldest railway is banking on freight business to offset losses from the passenger segment.

Who is owner of Tejas train?

The Tejas Express, flagged off by Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath today (Oct. 04), is run by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), an arm of the railways that recently made its stock market debut.

What is the highest salary in Indian Railways?

24000/- per month to Rs. 52000/- per month for Section Engineer post. SBI also offers a salary account to the Indian Railways Employees which is also called as Railway Salary Package (RSP)….Railway Salary Package.Post NameGrade PayPay ScaleLoco Inspector/ Section EngineerRs. 4,600Rs. 9,300- Rs. 34,80018 more rows•Jun 11, 2020

What is the major source of revenue in India?

AgricultureAgriculture, once India’s main source of revenue and income, has since fallen to approximately 15.87% of the country’s GDP, as of 2019. Over the past 60 years, the service industry in India has increased from a fraction of the GDP to approximately 54.4% between 2018 and 2019.

How does Irctc earn money?

IRCTC is a miniratna profit-making Central Public Sector Unit. IRCTC gets most of its money from the catering services. Catering contributes 55% to IRCTC Total Revenue. Travel and tourism offers 23.3%, e-ticketing contributes nearly 13% and packaged water about 9%.

Is Irctc a profit or loss?

More From Our Partners. NEW DELHI: IRCTC on Friday reported a net loss of Rs 24.60 crore in the quarter ended June 2020 against profit of Rs 72.33 crore a year ago, hurt by Covid-19-induced lockdown.

How much Indian Railway earn in a day?

The national transporter earns about ₹145-150 crore per day ferrying passengers across India, translating into annual revenue of about ₹53,000 crore.

How private is Irctc?

IRCTC started running private trains, and “Tejas Express” become India’s first private train on 4th Oct 2019….Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.TypeCentral Public Sector EnterpriseOwnerGovernment of India (87.40%)Members20 million registered users (2019)ParentIndian RailwaysWebsitewww.irctc.com13 more rows

Can I buy Irctc shares now?

In the current stock market scenario, IRCTC share price has strong support at Rs 1,340 to Rs 1,300 and hence one can buy the counter at around Rs 1,350 to 1,360 levels for the immediate target of Rs 1,500 in next one month.”

Is Irctc good share?

IRCTC share has been trading in the range of Rs 1500 to Rs 1300 apiece for five months. IRCTC share: Analysts are positive on the prospects of the share as it trades 29% below its record high of Rs 1,995 reached on February 25 this year. … Since then, IRCTC share has been trading in the range of Rs 1500 to Rs 1300 apiece …

Is Irctc overvalued?

IRCTC has an assured monopoly in railways and that’s driving its stock price. But considering that growth in railway passengers has been slow of late, clouding future growth prospects, the company looks overvalued. Some investors are already questioning the astronomical rise in the share price.

Who owns Tejas train?

Lucknow – New Delhi Tejas Express, which was inaugurated on 4 October 2019, is India’s first train operated by private operators, IRCTC, a subsidiary of Indian Railways. The Ahmedabad-Mumbai Tejas express, also operated by IRCTC was inaugurated on the 17 January, 2020.

Does Indian Railways make profit?

The CAG in a report revealed that the Indian Railways (IR) had scored its worst ever performance in a decade with an operating ratio of 98.44% in 2017-18. This basically means to earn Rs 100, Railways spent Rs 98.44 — leaving it with a profit of Rs 1.56 for every Rs 100 it earned.